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Top 4 Winter Activities in Cabo

Top 4 Winter Activities in Los Cabos Mexico
Top 4 Winter Activities in Cabo

Winter is prime time to visit Los Cabos, Mexico, offering great weather and fun activities. Here are the Top 4 Winter Activities in Cabo…

Whale watching in Los Cabos, Mexico
Migrating whales have returned to the shores of Los Cabos

1. Whale Watching – Each year, humpback and gray whales make an epic journey along the Pacific coastline of North America all the way to the warm lagoons of Baja Sur where they give birth to the next generation in the calm waters. The winter months are the best time to see these incredible creatures along their migration route in Los Cabos. Cabo Expeditions is one of the leading eco-tour operators offering unforgettable guided excursions in zodiac boats to see the whales up close. Their expert team of knowledgeable guides will offer you insights into the life cycles of these charismatic creatures. More Whale Watching Tours in Cabo…

Whale Shark Swimming Tours in the Sea of Cortez with Cabo Expeditions
Whale sharks are the world’s largest fish species

2. Whale Shark Excursions – Check another once-in-a-lifetime experience off of your bucket list when you get the chance to snorkel with the gentle giants. Whale sharks are tranquil filter-feeders who also happen to be the largest fish species on earth. Cabo Expeditions offers an incredible day trip to the La Paz area where you’ll have the opportunity to get in the pristine waters of the Sea of Cortez with (or observe from the boat) these majestic animals in the breathtaking natural habitat. The months of October through February are the best time to see whale sharks in Baja Sur. Whale Shark Excursions…

Art Walk in San Jose del Cabo Mexico
The Art Walk in San José del Cabo is a great way to experience the culture of Los Cabos

Charming San José del Cabo is home to a thriving established arts community in the historic downtown. From the months of November through June, the Thursday Evening Art Walk is the perfect way to browse the many offerings at the numerous galleries and boutiques lining the picturesque streets. Look for the perfect painting, piece of jewelry, pottery or folk art to take home from your travels in Los Cabos. Art galleries keep their doors open late on Art Walk evenings, restaurants offer specials and music fills the streets behind the church and main square. Discover unique works by some of the finest artists in the region. More Information: Art Walk

Flora Farms Cooking Lessons in Los Cabos Mexico
Cooking classes are just one unique offering at Flora Farms

The beautiful pastoral atmosphere of Flora Farms is the setting for an incredible gourmet dining experience on a working organic farm. Celebrated for its farm-to-table cuisine, Flora Farms also offers an organic grocery and gift boutique, workshops, special events and lessons. Add a creative culinary dimension to your winter getaway in Los Cabos by reserving one of the exciting cooking classes offered and learn to prepare delectable roasted vegetable tacos, traditional seasonal tamales, authentic regional salsas and more. Reservations are required. More Information: Flora Farms Cooking Classes

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