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Meet the Team – Julie’s Insider Tips for Cabo

Julie Byrd in Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Julie Bryd, Director of Sales for

What do you love best about Los Cabos as a destination?
I love the “flavor” of Cabo; the people, the food and the entertainment/energy of the location. So much to do there and so many fabulous places to eat and play!

Favorite activities in Cabo?
I love anything on the water! My favorite romantic sunset cruise is Rissalena. The best massage and facial I have ever had was in Cabo – Suzanne Morel’s in-villa spa services are a must!

Top tip for a first-time visitor to Cabo?
Fish & shrimp tacos at Las Gardenias with an ice-cold Pacifico. They are only open for lunch, the tacos cost about $2 USD each and they have the coldest beers in Cabo. I literally go straight from the airport to Gardenias before even checking into my property.

Favorite Cabo memory?
There have been SO MANY…where do I start!? I guess it would be the first time I was picked up at the airport and dropped off at Villa Grande in Pedregal because it was my first villa experience and I was SO BLOWN away by the villa and Cabo.

Your top places to grab a bite?
LOVE Edith’s for a special dinner. Otherwise, I really love to eat at Koi Sushi (for the food not the atmosphere, in the Walmart plaza); it’s the best sushi I have EVER had. There is also something very special about La Frida at Pueblo Bonito Sunset Beach. However, rivaling all restaurants in Cabo is a private dinner at the villa provided by A Matter of Taste Catering.

Three must-do activities in Los Cabos?
1. A super fun night is to go to Arriba Tequila for a great inexpensive Mexican meal, do the tequila tasting (get a tequila connoisseur certificate) and then salsa dance the night away to a live band.
2. Swimming or snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez (preferably Chileno Bay).
3. Whale watching with Ocean Riders. Their high speed boat is so much fun – when I went on it, I laughed for 2 hours straight!

Must-have Cabo souvenir?
A bottle of Damiana Liqueur, of course!

Your top night spot in Cabo?
WOW another tough one! There are so many great nightlife options in Cabo! Nowhere Bar never disappoints but I also love Barometro, Passions and there is something to be said for a 2-4am visit to Squid Row (not that I have ever done that! Ha!).

What up-and-coming Cabo attractions are on your radar?
There is a cultural center being built at the marina. I have heard that there will be some great concerts there in the future. Sabor A Cabo is happening in December 2010 and it is a culinary festival that even the most discriminating palate would not want to miss.

What do you love best about your job at
I enjoy making sure that our clients have an incredible vacation experience. I believe that when you provide quality, hassle-free vacations you are helping the world be a better place. Most people’s “vacation high” lasts at least 6 months and in that time, life is happier for them. I also love Cabo; the people, the food and the energy!

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