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Beach Horseback Riding & Burro Rescue in Cabo at Rancho Carisuva

Beach Horseback Riding Tours Cabo San Lucas Mexico
Beach horseback riding with the team of Rancho Carisuva is an unforgettable experience in Los Cabos, Mexico

Horseback riding along a breathtaking, pristine beach in Los Cabos is an experience that won’t soon be forgotten. Breathtaking views of sweeping sand, brilliant ocean blues and rugged desert landscapes greet you at every turn. For over a decade, the outstanding team of Rancho Carisuva has been leading tours of this unforgettable scenery with gentle horses and expert guides just outside of Cabo San Lucas overlooking the Pacific Ocean.

Horse ranch in Los Cabos Mexico

With roundtrip transportation from your Cabo hotel or villa included, the 40-minute drive to Rancho Carisuva will take you along striking landscapes dotted with cacti. Upon arrival at this traditional Baja ranch, you’ll meet your professional and friendly guides who will match you with the perfect horse based on your skill level, as well as be provided with an orientation on basic riding techniques. Take a look around the ranch to meet some of the farm animals and snap some photos.

Beach Horseback Riding Tours Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Hop aboard your horse and follow your Rancho Carisuva guide for breathtaking sights along dusty trails as you pass towering cardon catci, desert flora and catch glimpses of local wildlife. You’ll make your way to a Pacific Ocean beach where the ocean views are sure to captivate you.

Horseback riding in Cabo San Lucas Mexico

Don’t forget your camera – the spectacular landscape is picture perfect along this wonderful tour with Rancho Carisuva. During winter months, be sure to keep an eye out for magical sights of migrating whales making their way along the Pacific coastline.

Horseback riding in Los Cabos Mexico

Plan your Rancho Carisuva horseback riding experience. Public tours, private tours and combo ATV and horseback riding tours are available.

Burro Rescue at Rancho Carisuva

Another highlight at Rancho Carisuva is the on-site Burro Rescue Foundation. Their team explains their mission is “to improve the quality of life of donkeys. Part of this includes bringing people close to them in order to enjoy these intelligent, curious, and loving animals. By promoting positive interactions, as well as transforming the public understanding of the donkey’s role, we aim to encourage its conservation.”

Burro Rescue at Rancho Cariusuva

Donkeys are rugged creatures whose unique biology helps them survive in the desert climate. The team at Rancho Carisuva rescues feral and abandoned burros, providing them a sanctuary while offering an educational experience for visitors. Donkeys have remarkable memories and have been said to recognize areas and other donkeys they encountered decades before.

Plan your visit to Rancho Carisuva to experience this unique Baja ranch.

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Beach in Los Cabos Mexico

Pacific beach in Los Cabos Mexico

Beach Horseback Riding Tours in Los Cabos Mexico

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  • Jet Clark

    Do you adopt out the donkeys? I have a place in San Felipe where I live year round and am wondering if you need homes for any burros or mules. I was hoping to adopt 1 or 2 just as companion animals. I would not be using them for any business purpose.
    Thank you for your time, and any info you can send.


    • Ercilia

      Hi there, Jet. That sounds like a great plan. Your best best it to reach out to Rancho Carisuva directly to find out whether they do adoptions.

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