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New Fish Spa Makes a Splash in Cabo San Lucas

Fish Spa Cabo San Lucas
The new Fish Spa Cabo offers a unique therapy

One of the latest trends in pedicures involves the assistance of some very tiny spa helpers. Fish spas offer a unique treatment, with small Garra Rufa fish (also known as “doctor fish”) harmlessly nibbling away at dead skin. We interviewed Cristobal Tortosa, who recently brought the experience to Cabo San Lucas via the new Fish Spa Cabo.

Why did you decide to bring the fish spa to Los Cabos? My wife and I were intrigued by this natural treatment and thought it would be great to let others try it here in Los Cabos. “Ictotherapy” is becoming more and more popular in Europe and Asia, so why not bring it to Cabo?

What can you tell me about the fish? The Garra Rufa is a tropical freshwater fish that lives in warm waters. It is part of the carp family and is commonly found in Turkey. When fully grown, they can measure up to 3 inches and can live up to 6 years. In Kangal, Turkey, warriors would traditionally bathe in hot springs with these fish to heal their wounds. Now this therapy has become popular worldwide because of the fish’s ability to improve certain skin conditions.

What are the benefits of the fish spa? These fish are used throughout the world to treat various skin conditions such as psoriasis, eczema and calluses. When immersing your skin in our spas, the small Garra Rufa fish (a species lacking teeth) feed on dead skin cells, leaving behind healthy and soft skin. The fish also secrete enzymes believed to have regenerative healing properties. In addition, the sucking motions of the fish help improve circulation. It’s a very relaxing experience.

What can a guest expect from their experience? They can expect a one-of-a-kind and extremely relaxing therapy, as the fish nibble on their skin removing dead cells while stimulating blood flow. The sensation is like a soothing vibration. The therapy begins with a deep cleansing of the feet and reflexology. This helps clean the skin of any lotions, sunblock, etc., gets the blood flowing and relaxes the client for their session with the fish.

Where can they find you? We are located at Mango Deck (on Médano Beach), as well as at several resorts including Playa Grande and Secrets Puerto Los Cabos.  More information is available at

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