• Scuba Diving in the Sea of Cortez at Cabo Pulmo Marine Park in Baja California Sur Mexico
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    Cabo Pulmo Offers World-Class Diving in Baja Sur

    Celebrated among the world’s top scuba diving and snorkeling destinations, Cabo Pulmo Marine Reserve ranks as one of the most prestigious dive spots for eco-travelers in search of incredible marine life and pristine waters. Situated in Baja California Sur approximately 2 hours by car from Cabo San Lucas, this is an easily accessible day trip for Los Cabos visitors with outstanding guided excursions available. Nearby, Villa Bahia de Los Frailes, a luxurious 4-bedroom vacation rental, offers a convenient home base close to Cabo Pulmo. A breathtaking living testament to one of the world’s most successful conservation efforts, Cabo Pulmo teems with marine life. Rainbow-hued reef fish swim among colorful varieties…

  • Diving at Cabo Pulmo Mexico
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    Cabo Pulmo: A Conservation Success Story

    Thousands of jacks swirl around a group of divers in the pristine, clear waters of the Sea of Cortez just off the East Cape of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Nearby, a majestic bull shark sways through the gentle currents as dappled sunlight filters to the sandy seafloor. Colorful reef fish dart among neighboring corals in an exuberant rainbow of colors. Acrobatic sea lions frolic and curiously approach divers. Farther offshore, an enormous whale shark makes a sweeping arch through the sea, its gaping mouth filter feeding on plankton. Today, this enchanting scene at Cabo Pulmo is a testament to one of the world’s most successful conservation efforts.

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    Diving Paradise in the Sea of Cortez: Cabo Pulmo

    A national marine park situated in Baja California Sur’s pristine East Cape region (about 55 miles from Cabo San Lucas), Cabo Pulmo is an underwater paradise home to a spectacular variety of marine life. Recently, our company president Don Hirschaut had the opportunity to revisit this majestic marine reserve and captured enchanting video footage of this remarkable habitat. An avid diver, Don continues to be amazed by the thriving marine ecosystem at Cabo Pulmo, even after countless dives here. An outstanding setting for scuba diving and snorkeling, Cabo Pulmo is home to one of North America’s only living coral reef systems. This magnificent reef is estimated to be approximately 20,000 years…