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    Los Cabos Open of Surf is On at Zipper’s

    The Los Cabos Open of Surf is currently taking place in Los Cabos, Mexico. This world-class competition (June 17-23, 2013) brings together some of the world’s top professional surfers for the largest surf and music festival in Mexico. Taking place at the famous Zippers break at Costa Azul Los Cabos, this is a WQS (world qualifying serious) Men’s 6-Star Event. This exciting tournament allows competitors the opportunity to accumulate points toward the ASP’s (Association of Surfing Professionals) world championship tour. In conduction with the surf competition, beach concerts, a sunset party, food vendors, fashion showcases and art make this a fun-filled event for visitors of all ages. To follow live…

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    Sand under the Arch! El Arco Beach Appears Again in Cabo San Lucas

    From time to time (sometimes years may go by between appearances), a sandy beach is unveiled under the natural stone arch at Land’s End in Cabo San Lucas. This spot marks the meeting of the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez at the tip of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula. Different marine conditions affect the unveiling of the sand under the arch, including tides and seasonal currents. Seeing the sight of the beautiful beach at this iconic spot is truly unforgettable and glimpses can be had aboard a cruise or panga ride. Cabo Sails is an excellent local tour provider offering cruises in this area. The arch is located in the…

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    Baby Whales in Cabo

    Every year, migrating whales visit Los Cabos to give birth to the next generation of gentle giants. During the winter months, there’s no better place to view these amazing creatures than in the Sea of Cortez, as the whales swim, eat, breed and play in the warm waters of Baja California Sur. As this year’s whale watching season draws to a close, here are some fantastic shots of some of our recent visitors bidding goodbye to our shores before they begin their migration up north, including a mother humpback whale with her young calf. Oscar Ortiz, a talented photographer and head of Cabo Expeditions (providing outstanding eco-tours on the waters of Los Cabos) shares…

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    Top 8 Marine Animal Encounters in Baja California Sur

    Oscar Ortiz heads up Cabo Expeditions, one of the leading operations of environmentally friendly excursions in Los Cabos. Specializing in marine tours, from kayaking in the scenic waters of Cabo, to swimming with majestic whale sharks, Oscar has seen his share of incredible ocean life in Baja California Sur. With the dazzling abundant variety of marine creatures in the beautiful Sea of Cortez, there’s no shortage of photo-worthy encounters to be had. Here, Oscar shares his top marine animal experiences: 1.  The Ultimate: Blue Whale – The largest animal that is known to have existed on the planet, the blue whale (Balaenoptera musculus) can reach lengths of up to 90 feet.…

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    Tranquility on the Bay of Dreams, Baja Sur

    The Bay of Dreams has one of those names that almost sounds like a cliché—until you come for a visit. There is an otherworldly enchantment that permeates the area, and visitors are immediately swept under its spell. Nestled along the peaceful shores are a handful of luxurious vacation retreats, including the expansive beachfront Rancho de Costa. Here’s an overview of this remarkable region.

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    Cabo Pulmo: A Green, Marine, Beautiful Scene

    The ocean is obviously a place of tremendous bounty as well as beauty, but that magnificent plenty has a fragile side. The Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park is a stirring example of how environmental stewardship can harvest tremendous rewards, and a reminder to stay vigilant. The marine park, and the small town that bears its name is about an hour north of San José del Cabo. But the “north” is more significant than that: the marine park is the most northerly living coral reef in the eastern Pacific—just one of three of its kind on the Pacific Coast. Coral reefs are extraordinary nurseries for aquatic life, home to more than…

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    Island Magic in Baja Sur: A Journey through the Islands of the Sea of Cortez

    Many poolside vacationers in Los Cabos may be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a gigantic tail breaking the surface of the Sea of Cortez, of a pod of dolphins frolicking in the distance or the majestic sight of pelicans dive-bombing into the sea. And, they might just wonder what magic lies beyond. In fact, the incomparably abundant Sea of Cortez—once called the “World’s Aquarium” by Jacques Cousteau and extolled for it’s unique abundance by John Steinbeck—is what originally drew hardy travelers to the tip of the Baja Peninsula and into the turquoise waters of this awe-inspiring body of water. While Earth, Sea & Sky Vacations (CaboVillas.com) is known…